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The rules:

To create a piece of music in 24 hours allowing just 4 short breaks for caffeine and air and a power nap in the early hours.

All work is original and not planned out prior to sitting in the studio, no prior thought was given.

Each piece is tied together by a ticking-clock motif to represent the passing of time.

I played all of the instruments myself and produced and engineering the album

All sponsorship in the month of May 2014 went directly to PEPAIDS providing education and medical support for young AIDS victims in Africa.

The Blog:

11.35: Paul Smith factory sale (it’s who you know!), full veggie breakfast out and finally started. First idea is a minimal Piano work in E major, I may add bells to it too. It’s cleverly called Piano and Bells for now.

12.51: Not happy with my first idea, I soon changed the key to c major and working on an idea of piano, samples and ebow. I also decided to record noises outside of the house intermittently

13.40: Things are starting to shape now. I’m just going with whatever comes to me but thinking about the passing of time I’ve decided to include a motif of a ticking clock on every piece to represent time and to make the suite of whatever it ends being cohesive from one piece to another. I think.

13.45: One piece done, I’m going to whip out the mandolin now and see what happens with that

14.45: Mandolin idea was ok but put on back burner, feeling the urge for something clarinet and harpsichord… I’m not sure why?

15.25: Working hard with keys and clarinet but feeling a bit braindead, first 15 minute break coming up, 15 minutes outside sunshine with the dog. Going to listen to Goreckis 3rd symphony for devine intervention, or something like that.

16.08: I’m definitely onto something now, it’s just based around a 4 bar loop, clarinet and violin (hopefully both of which I can play the part for), Double Bass (sampled) and tubular bells. It sounds a bit Christmassy I think.

16.44: Second piece done. Moving on! Let’s see what happens next

17.25: Third piece finished, simplistic Eno thing with delay, will go back and add some samples and noises later. Curry is approaching so I’m thinking of experimenting with a piece of classical Indian music..

14.20: Indian piece in the band, just needs a bit of tweaking later. Time to celebrate with my dinner break (curry)

19.10: Great curry thanks Satty!! Going to re-vist the mandolin idea

19.45: Mandola’s, Mandolins and dulcimer are go! The birds are singing beautifully outside so I’m going to open the window and record them! They’ve deserved it.

21.09: Mandola’s and Mandolins piece done, I’m going to have to start thinking of same names now. I’m tired. I need to go and get the clarinet out and play the actual parts for the 2nd piece I wrote and also attempt to play some violin, note by note I imagine!

22.16. Violins and Clarinets recording (thanks Autotune!), Sharon also popped in to do a few lovely oohs and aahs on what will be the intro track! Time to start thinking on a 6th song after break number 2!
23.19: Developing an idea for a dark little ambient piece using the Mini V software.

00.40: Another one in the bag. I took a sample about some guy talking what would happen if the sun blew up and made some sounds, loops and samples from there, it all get a little electro. I’m going to wonder out to the garden to see what noises I can record to base my next piece on.

00.45: Vespertine by Bjork, a truly special piece of music. 5 minutes in my ears and I feel as inspired and in love with music as I’ve ever been.

01.01: It’s getting a bit Stockhausen?

01.24: Well that’s done, just a quick abstract clock and sample based piece. I think I’ve got 7 now, I’m just going to re-cap and listen back. What’s next?

03.00: Long haul on the last one, lots of delayed pianos, ebows and arpeggios on the jazzmaster! Some Hebrew poetry and some noises from outside (of which there are very little). 8 down so time for a very quick power nap ready for the home stretch. Hoping to catch sunrise at 5.26am for some album art

05.00: Taking a break from recording whilst listening back to everything and looking at artwork ideas. I think I need 1 or 2 more.

06.01: Working on a clarinet duet

06.39: Really struggling with these last few pieces. Need inspiration, calling Arvo Part…

08.08: It’s taken some time but I’m deep into a string quartet which I plan to double with some actual violin, clarinet and ebow textures! It’s going to be the most complex piece and will probably take me into the home straight of mixing, mastering, uploading, information… and sleeping!!

09.15: Still at this piece, I’m replicating the string quartet piece note for note. I think I’ve surpassed tiredness now and feel absolutely great!

09.51: Recording of 9 tracks complete, I’ve got an hour and 10 minutes to mix them and get them uploaded.

10.55: Mastered and uploaded, just checking the text and I’m about to get emails out to people

11.35: Off to bed!


released May 4, 2014

Written and Produced by Mark Rolfe
Guitar, Piano, Clarinet, Violin, Mandola and Mandolin: Mark Rolfe
Voice: Sharon Cohen-Rolfe
Artwork: Martin Gisborne



all rights reserved


Mark Rolfe Nottingham, UK

Ambient/dreampop/field music/classical ramblings from Mark Rolfe (lornatheband.com)

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